Student Testimonials

“Mr. Foley is an outstanding teacher. Creative Writing was the most engaging and inspiring class I took during my four years in high school. He is compassionate, understanding, and never fails to sneak in a joke or two.” ~Eva F., former student

“Mr. Foley is an awesome teacher and his classes are super fun! He creates a great and friendly environment in his classroom that makes you feel like you’re with a bunch of friends!” ~Ina F., former student

“I had the pleasure of being Mr. Foley’s writing student a few years ago. Mr. Foley was able to transform a struggling, reluctant writer into one who could comfortably bring out his own voice in both formal and creative settings. He emphasized writing as a habitual activity for both student and mentor through prompt, detailed, personal feedback on daily writing exercises. I owe much of my later successes involving writing to Mr. Foley’s guidance. I highly recommend his dedicated and professional services.”  ~Hanson H., former student

“Scott Foley’s empathy towards his students and dynamic teaching style which changes based on the needs and interests of each student set the benchmark I hold myself to with my own students.” ~Corissa K., former student

“Mr. Foley was my favorite high school teacher. You only have to spend one day with him to know that he truly cares about his students, and wants them to succeed. Through the time I was in his class, it transitioned from being a teacher and student to a normal friendship. He is the best around!” ~Jacob P., former student

“Mr. Foley’s passion for reading and writing inspired my own passion for reading and writing. He always encouraged us to just read something … he didn’t care if it was a book, graphic novel, or even a magazine because he just wanted everyone to find a way to enjoy reading. He improved my life by not only being a great teacher and role model but also by being kind and genuinely caring about my well-being even after I graduated.” ~Jamie S., former student

“Mr. Foley teaches his students by example and helps them grow in confidence and competence. He’s an awesome teacher and author!” ~Kaitlyn C., former student

“Scott Foley is a knowledgeable, kind, trustworthy educator that deeply cares for his students’ academic and personal well-being. He is willing to go the extra mile to assure his students’ success.”  ~Noah R., former student

“[Mr. Foley is] a welcoming teacher who helps kindle the joy of learning in students, both during and beyond high school.” ~Noah B., former student

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