Here are some frequently asked questions. If you need additional answers, please email me at advancedwritingllc@gmail.com.

  1. Do you have a teacher’s license? Yes. Furthermore, my Bachelor’s is in English Secondary Education and I have a Master’s in Education as well.
  2. How long have you taught? I’m approaching twenty years in the classroom.
  3. What have you taught? Creative Writing, English Language Composition, Speech, and all four grade levels of high school English.
  4. Do you enjoy writing? I love to write. I have published five books and write short stories, reviews, and editorials regularly at my author website: ScottWilliamFoley.com.
  5. What skills do you stress with each paper? I focus on writing skills such as purpose, content development, organization, voice, sentence variety, word choice, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and more.
  6. Are you considered a small business? Yes.
  7. Do you take paid vacations? Yes. I take one week in late December, one week in mid-March, and one week in June.
  8. How will my child share their writing with you? We will prewrite, write, and revise via Google Docs. A free Google account will be required.
  9. How many students do you have? I intend to work with a maximum of 30 students.
  10. What if you don’t have room for my child? I currently have space, but I’ll start a waiting list when necessary.
  11. Will you look over my child’s school work? No. We focus only on my curriculum.
  12. Are you willing to offer advice to my child when asked if it pertains to school work? Of course. But I don’t have time to proof or edit school work.
  13. How often will you interact with my child’s writing? I offer feedback every weekday to my students, provided they are keeping up.
  14. What if my child falls behind? We can slow down or speed up as you desire. I have a pace in mind, but it can be adjusted.
  15. How often will you provide feedback to me regarding my child? Regularly. I like to heap praise. I’m also not afraid to let you know if there’s a problem.
  16. Will you travel to my home? No. This is purely an online endeavor.
  17. Will you ever actually speak with my child? Yes. I conduct one video chat per student every month which will last up to 30 minutes.
  18. What ages of children do you work with? I work with students ages thirteen through eighteen (seventh through twelfth grades).

Secure your spot today by contacting Scott Foley at advancedwritingllc@gmail.com.