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“I had the pleasure of being Mr. Foley’s writing student a few years ago. Mr. Foley was able to transform a struggling, reluctant writer into one who could comfortably bring out his own voice in both formal and creative settings. He emphasized writing as a habitual activity for both student and mentor through prompt, detailed, personal feedback on daily writing exercises. I owe much of my later successes involving writing to Mr. Foley’s guidance. I highly recommend his dedicated and professional services.”  ~Hanson H., Stanford University

Advanced Writing, LLC, is ready to personalize your child’s writing journey by providing daily, specific feedback. Author and educator, Scott Foley, has been teaching and writing for nearly twenty years. He will help your child achieve clear, concise writing, which is the key to success in both academia and the business world. 

No matter what level of writing your child has attained, Advanced Writing, LLC, can help your child not only improve, but advance. Click on the path best suited for your child in order to begin the adventure.





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